Beauty tips with tomatoes (How to use tomato for skin care problems)

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August 8, 2017
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Beauty tips with tomatoes:


Beauty tips with tomatoes and In Tomatoes have Lycopene that is give more bani fit our skin.Tomatoes is helpful for skin.With the use of tomatoes skin got a oxygen the fact of that save skin for wrinkles.

Tomatoes is very banality citrus fruit in which have more vitamins like vitamin a ,vitamin c and anti oxidants that is protected our skin problems. Tomatoes protect our skin on sun anti ray problem .

Tomatoes naturally healthy for our skin. Use always fresh tomatoes n our face.Now let is discus -How many way to use the Tomatoes use our skin: Now discuss in brief Beauty tips with tomatoes.
1). tomatoes is a natural remedy to get rid of acne and pimples

For That you take a fresh tomato and cut out it small slices then use it our face .In tomato have Two vitamin like vitamin A and vitamin C that help to clean our skin for acne and pimples. you hold it on our face minimum 10 mints. and it is repeat 3 time our face. It is best Beauty tips with tomatoes.
2). Use Tomato as a scrub for exfoliating your skin.

For exfoliating your skin . You take a fresh tomato  and cut out it in glass and mix out in some sugar
3). It is use for opening closed pores of skin.

Then tomato solve problem as a scrub for exfoliating your skin. You take a little drop of tomato juice and add on lemon juice the mix out it both.Then use cotton ball to use our skin. You hold it our face 10 to 30 mints  and after you wash our face with fresh water.
4). It is for glowing natural skin

For our face You take  a two spoon tomato juice and two spoon  honey mix out it in single glass then use it our face after use it you hold it minimum 10 to 15 mint on our face.
5). Tomatoes best for oily skin

For Oily face  You take a fresh tomato two spoon tomato juice  and two spoon cucumber juice then mix out it in glass then use it our face after user you hold 10 to 12 min after that wash face with fresh water.

Its is best Beauty tips with tomatoes use it.

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